And all dissapeared.. But it’s ok. We’ll be back.

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And more „meanwhile”.. 😉
Recently I’ve tried to motivate myself to be more productive. Basically I’ve told myself either I would make 10 things in 2 weeks or I would cut my fingers off. I still have 10 fingers (we are talking hands here). There’s a little post on my FB fanpage about that but I thought it would be nice to show anything here too (besides I need to put that picture somewhere outside FB for some reason..). I’m thinking about putting that story here as well but does anyone ever visit this site anyway? 🙂 So „meanwhile” just a lamp..

And.. Since this place is only used for image hosting and saying Hello (Hello!), yet another pic. Or maybe two.
Some of those boxes are listed on etsy. Some of them are not because I don’t like them anymore (even though some people do..). And some of them are so new I haven’t listed them on etsy yet.
And I’d better stop before it becomes a stream of consciousness.

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